Be advised! 
Not all interlock devices or their providers are the same.
We provide complete and thorough training unlike the discount providers.
Poor training can cause you to get unnecessary penalties and extensions. 
Here, at Flag Interlock we pride ourselves in fully training you to comply with all State of Arizona requirements, thus helping you to avoid any MVD imposed sanctions. 
     Before deciding to install these devices we thoroughly explored all the available manufacturers and found  to be proven unparalleled in the industry.
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We will be happy to answer any questions.
Welcome to Flag Interlock! 

We are your source for locating a reliable, authorized ignition interlock device installation center in your immediate area.
Whether you are seeking an ignition interlock device on your own accord or you have been ordered by a court of law to install one in your vehicle, Flag Interlock is your best alternative.

We will match all local competitors pricing and fee structures!
This includes
FREE installation and monthly charges. Yet, we will still provide our superior level of service, knowledge and experience. And of course we only install L interlock units, THE most installed interlock  device in Arizona and the U.S.A
Since you never expected to shop for an interlock device, we want to help make your installation and compliance as convenient as possible with the absolute best value. 
Here at Flag Interlock we have been authorized by the State of Arizona since 2001. 
AL ignition interlock devices are installed and backed by dedicated, interlock-specialists.


We provide:
  • Hassle-free flexible appointment scheduling
  • Proven State of the Art, industry leading fuel cell technology
  • Certified, Easiest to use, accurate and most reliable
  •  - the most widely used interlock device in the U.S. today (introduced 1998, continuously updated to state-of the art)
  • We have the most dedicated service locations in Arizona
  • ASE CERTIFIED installation technicians
  • Professional friendly staff to address all of your concerns
  • MVD liaison on staff to insure complete satisfaction
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Our courteous staff is available to answer any questions 
Monday through Friday 

:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Your call goes directly to our Flagstaff office NOT a call center!

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